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J Korean Soc Qual Manag. 2016 Mar;44(1):109-120.
Published online 2016 April 18.
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Development of Priority Calculation Models for Enacting and Revising the Korea Defense Standards and Specifications

Sung, Si-Il * ․ Kim, Hyeunggeun * ․ Kim, Yong Soo ** ․ Bae, Sukjoo *** ․ Kim, Jun-Su **** and Kim, Jong-Man ****

* Defense Agency for Technology and Quality ** Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Kyonggi University *** Department of Industrial Engineering, Hanyang University **** Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Myongji U


Purpose: This study developed a method of determining priorities for evaluating and revising defense
Methods: The proposed data integration and refinement methods are used to obtain component reliability
information and to determine the frequency of component citation based on Pareto analysis. Based on the
reliability information and the frequency of cited components, the target components for quality improvement
can be determined and improved using various methods, such as engineering changes, special meetings, additional
training, and revising the maintenance manual.
Results: Based on the proposed process, we identified components that need to be improved in order to
enhance the quality and reliability.
Conclusion: Our process will improve the quality and reliability of weapon systems. The proposed process
can be adopted for various weapon systems to enhance their quality and reliability, and to reduce military


Key Words: Defense Standard and Specification, Standard Citation Index, Value Chain


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