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J Korean Soc Qual Manag. 2016 Mar;44(1):167-180.
Published online 2016 April 18.
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On the Application of Zp Control Charts for Very Small Fraction of Nonconforming under Non-normal Process

Kim, Jong-Gurl * ․ Choi, Seong-Won * ․ Kim, Hye-Mi * ․ Um, Sang-Joon **

* Department of Industrial Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University ** SK hynix Inc


Purpose: The problem for the traditional control chart is that it is unable to monitor the very small fraction
of nonconforming and the underlying distribution is the normal distribution. control chart is useful where
it controls the vert small fraction on nonconforming. In this study, we will design the control chart in
order to use under non-normal process.
Methods: is calculated not by failure rate based on attribute data but using variable data. Control limit
for non-normal control chart is designed based on -risk calculated by cumulative distribution function
of Burr distribution. -risk, which is for performance evaluation, obtains in the Burr distribution's cumulative
distribution function and control limit.
Results: The control limit for non-normal  control chart is designed based on Burr distribution. The sensitivity
can be checked through ARL table and OC curve.
Conclusion: Non-normal control chart is able to control not only the very small fraction of nonconforming,
but it is also useful when  distribution is non-normal distribution.

Key Words£º Control Chart, Non-normal Process, Burr Distribution


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