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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quality Management


The Baduk competition between the Baduk playing Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Google and Lee, Sedol, the genius Baduk player attracted the interest of the century. It was concluded with Alphago's victory of the score of 4:1 so that the world was faced with the state of shock. Alphago is the artificial intelligence program which collected and learned the record of Baduk. It made the data importance recognized and aroused the necessity of a lot of investment in AI for the future. Somebody says that the impact of Alphago can be compared with the social impact caused by Sputnik 1, the world's first artificial satellite launched by Russia(former Soviet Union) in 1957. As the Sputnik shock became the momentum for increasing the competitiveness by innovating the mathematics education system of the USA, the right time for the education and management change also came in the nation. It is expected to secure the corporate and national competitiveness if the competitiveness is secured with the new quality paradigm pursued through artificial intelligence by using the Internet of Things (IoT) or the big data not to follow the management of another company but to become the first mover in management. In order to create new business items and innovate quality through the moment, companies have to actively invest in the big data, AI and IoT.


The special edition of commemorating the 50th anniversary will be published through March and June numbers. In the March number, the papers which has been published regarding the quality management, statistical quality control, quality innovation, and reliability in the Journal of the Korea Society of Quality Management for 50 years will be reviewed and addressed from the trend of the times with the new direction set.
The paper, A Study on the Meaning of Modern Quality Management from the Etymological Perspective of the word PumJil (), is published to look back the oriental philosophical meaning of quality. The general paper, A Study on the Factor Affecting the Service Commitment in Customer Satisfaction Education: Focused on Financial Institute Employee, is published with the effect of the service commitment on the customer satisfaction education of a financial institute announced. Furthermore, the paper, Measuring Creativity of Ideas and the Corresponding Customer Satisfaction, is published regarding to the business administration field. The paper, On the Application of Zp Control Charts for Very Small Fraction of Nonconforming under Non-normal Process, is published so that the case study on the application of Zp control charts to the non-normal process is announced. Moreover, the paper, Development of Priority Calculation Models for Enacting and Revising the Korea
Defense Standards and Specifications, is published. In order for the Journal of the Korea Society of Quality Management to lead the new quality management trend in 2016, an effort will be made to continue to find new subjects and to publish the cases of applying the artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT to the innovative quality management. A lot of interests and active cooperation of the members are cordially requested. An effort will be made for the Journal of the Korea Society of Quality Management to contribute to the improvement of the industrial and corporate quality management by steadily encouraging the publication of
the policy and case study papers.



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